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Alice Myers
Alice Myers Pestilence 2.0
Status Deceased
Age 10
Gender Female
Height 4 Foot 4 Inches
First Seen Issue 01 (Apparition) (Strife)
Issue 01 (Mentioned) (STGM)
Last Seen N/A
Death Car Accident
Relations Vincent Myers - Father
Anabel Myers - Mother (Deceased)
Arthur Myers - Grandfather (Deceased)
Marianne Myers - Grandmother
Patrick Myers - Uncle
Lawrence Myers - Uncle (Deceased)
Rowena Myers - Aunt
Harry Martin - Uncle (Deceased)
Ethnicity English-Irish
Occupation Student
Don't worry Daddy, I'll get someone to help!
— Alice in Vincent's dream.

Alice Myers is a character first encountered in Issue 01 of Strife and first mentioned in Issue 01 of Strife: The Greensleeves Murders. She is the Daughter of Vincent and Anabel Myers, the granddaughter of Arthur and Marianne and the Niece of Patrick, Lawrence, Rowena and Harry.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Alice's personality is generally unknown as she never appeared alive. However Vincent would describe her as a kind and caring girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. Whether this was her personality or just Vincent's distorted memory of her is unknown.



Before the outbreak, Alice went to school and lived in London. A year before the events of Strife, Alice was ran over and killed whilst crossing a road on her way back from school. Vincent blamed himself for her death, due to this he refuses to take medication for his Schizophrenia.


Vincent MyersEdit

Although the two of them were never seen together whilst Alice was alive. From Vincent's dreams and hallucinations it can be shown that he loved her immensely. Her death effected Vincent for the rest of his life.



Strife: The Greensleeves MurdersEdit