Alisha Mcrae
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Age Mid to Late 20s
Occupation Unknown
Family David Patterson - Fiancee
Unborn Son/Daughter (Deceased)
First Appearance Issue 1
Last Appearance Issue 4
Cause of Death Shot in the head
Status Dead
Series lifespan Issue 1 to Issue 4
Ethnicity Native-American
Alisha Mcrae is a main character of Living Of The Dead and the fiancee of David Patterson. She's a nice and compassionate woman, however she is also fairly tough and will never let someone try to use her for their own advantage.


Not much is known about Alisha's past besides the fact that she went to the same school as Paul and David, and met David in freshman year. She also changed her name when she turned eighteen due to her having a unpronounceable Native-American name.