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Do Miami: Day By Day is a story by DarkShadow667, and is about how people live their lives in the dangerous streets of Miami. A young adult named Tyrone Johnson has graduated highschool and now knows how dangerous the streets of Miami really are. He only has the people the closest to him to depend on in order to Do Miami, Day By Day. (more...)


World After Death is a story by GhostWolf716. It follows the main protagonist, Vince Garcia, and his life in the Zombie Apocalypse. Vince is a man of Mexican descent, roughly in his early 30's. Vince's wife died several years before the ZA, leaving him to raise his daughter, Rachel. He tries to be there for his daughter, while at the same time juggling several jobs to cover the bills. In the ZA, he is a tough but trusting man who will do what he can to keep those he cares for safe at all costs. We'll see Vince and the world around him change, for in the World After Death, life must go on. (more...)

S2 A New Life

A New Life is a story written by Popozão. It follows the life of office clerk Pete during the zombie apocalypse, as he tries to reunite with his grilfriend, Angela. It eventually changes the focus to the lifes of both Pete and Angela during the apocalypse. (more...)


Life After Death is a story being written by InsaneHippo. Life After Death follows a young man, Devon Brandt, and his journey through the apocalypse. He will meet many other survivors along the way, both friendly and hostile, and will be put to the test to see if he has what it takes to survive. (more...)

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Gregory Norton is a main character who first appears in Issue 2 of Life After Death by InsaneHippo. A high court judge before the apocalypse began, Gregory only escaped the infested courts by leaving his colleagues to die. With the deaths of his wife and son, he set out on his own in search for safety. He is a strict and serious man with a lot of hidden, emotional baggage; often quick to lash out at people when he is disobeyed. His incredible intelligence and logical mindset is usually overshadowed by his harsh temper. (more...)

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