Harry Martin
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Status Deceased (Strife)
Alive (STGM)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 01 (Mentioned) (Strife)
Issue 01 (Mentioned) (STGM)
Last Seen N/A
Death Unknown
Relations Rowena Myers - Wife
Arthur Myers - Father in law (Deceased)
Marianne Myers - Mother in law
Vincent Myers - Brother in law
Patrick Myers - Brother in law
Lawrence Myers - Brother in law (Deceased)
Anabel Myers - Sister in law (Deceased)
Alice Myers - Neice (Deceased)
Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation Unknown

Harry Martin is a character first mentioned in Issue 01 of Strife and Strife: The Greensleeves Murders. He is the husband of Rowena Myers.



At some point Harry married Rowena Myers. It is mentioned by her that her father despises him, threatening to disown her if she didn't keep her name after marriage.


Killed byEdit

It is currently unknown how Harry died, however it is mentioned by Barnes Fooks that Vincent caused his death.



Strife: The Greensleeves MurdersEdit

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