Nancy Brodmir
Status Dead
Age 25
Gender tits
Height 4 Foot 11 Inches
First Seen Issue 03 (Strife)
Issue 01 (STGM)
Last Seen N/A
Death fucked to death by rook 2 much dick
Relations Terrence Brodmir - Father
Mary Brodmir - Mother
Janet Brodmir - Sister (Deceased)
Ethnicity tits
Occupation hooker
— Nancy to Rook as he fucks her to def.

Nancy Brodmir is a character first encountered in Issue 03 of Strife and Issue 01 of Strife: The Greensleeves Murders. She is the daughter of Terrence and Mary Brodmir, and the sister of Janet Brodmir.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nancy is fully aware she can manipulate people with her innocent appearance and thus uses it to her advantage. On the outside she appears a sweet, serene young girl and she has kept up this facade her entire life. However, on certain occasions her true personality can shine through, revealing her to be manipulative and cruel, in truth Nancy is a sadist who cares for no-one but herself.

It is mentioned by Vincent that Nancy has a "beautiful singing voice", it's likely that this only adds to her facade. Much like Vincent she also appears to have a dark sense of humor and an extensive literary knowledge.



Before the outbreak, Nancy worked as a nurse at the Pinehill Psychiatric Institution in London.

Killed VictimsEdit


Vincent MyersEdit

Vincent and Nancy seem to have a good relationship. It is stated by Rook that Nancy has unreturned feelings for Vincent, however this could easily be a facade of hers.

Lawrence MyersEdit

Nancy is shown to openly dislike Lawrence. She showed next to no signs of remorse when it came to his torture and brutal murder.


  • Nancy's theme is "Thought he was" by Chief Keef, because she thought she was the best but wasn't
  • Nancy is the first character to kill a member of their own family.



Strife: The Greensleeves MurdersEdit