Gay Boi
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Status Alive
Age queer
Gender Male
Height 5 Foot 7 Inches
First Seen Issue 01 (Strife)
Issue 02 (STGM)
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Relations Arthur Myers - Father (Deceased)
Marianne Myers - Mother
Vincent Myers - Lover
Lawrence Myers - Other lover (Deceased)
Rowena Myers - Sister
Alice Myers - Niece (Deceased)
Harry Martin - Brother in law (Deceased)
Anabel Myers - Sister in law (Deceased)
David Perkins - Boyfriend
Ethnicity English-Irish
Occupation Doctor
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Doctor Doodoo Myers is a gay first encountered in Issue 01 of Strife and issue 02 of Strife: The Greensleeves Murders. He is the son of Arthur and Marianne, the brother of Vincent, Lawrence and Rowena and the uncle of Alice Myers.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Patrick is a kind and intelligent man if not a little timid. His inherent wit and intellect is generally held back by his nervous and seemingly cowardly personality. His fear of conflict was nurtured by his shielding from the apocalypse. Despite all this, he can be brave if necessary.



Before the outbreak, Patrick worked and lived in London.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of the undead.


Vincent MyersEdit

Patrick is Vincent's younger brother and Vincent is shown to care about him to a extent. Although he sees him as more of a nuisance than anything else. Patrick spends allot of his time trying to make Vincent take medication for his Schizophrenia, to Vincent's distaste.

Alice MyersEdit

Alice was Patrick's Niece and although the two of them were never seen together whilst she was alive. It can be assumed that he cared for her immensely and was deeply saddened by her death.

Rowena MyersEdit

Rowena is Patrick's older sister, although the two have never been seen interacting. It is implied by Vincent that the two have a good relationship.


  • Patrick is the first LGBT character in the Pestilence Series.
  • Patrick's theme is Barbie girl because HES A FAGGOT



Strife: The Greensleeves MurdersEdit