This article is about the character in World After Death. You may be looking for the A Good Day to Die character.
  Rachel Garcia
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 9
Occupation Elementary school student
Family Vince Garcia - Father
Maria Garcia - Mother (Deceased)
Uncle (Unnamed)
First Appearance Issue 1
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan Issue 1 to Present
Ethnicity Mexican-American
"Please, dad. I won't end up like Hank. I won't die."
—Rachel to Vince, about going on a supply run.[src]

Rachel Garcia is the deuteragonist and daughter of Vince first introduced in Issue 1 of World After Death she's a kind, smart girl who is close to her father. She owns a necklace that belonged to her deceased mother as a memento of her.

Appearance And PersonalityEdit

Rachel like her father and mother is of Mexican descent. She is described as looking like her mother with long black hair and big brown eyes. She is also a bit small for her age.


Rachel lived an average happy life she was often spoiled as a baby and this continued into her child hood until the tragic death of her mother. She quickly had to grow up. She is very close to her father, Vince and tries to support him as much as he does for her. Overall she is tough for her age but is still a kid at heart.


Rachel hid out in her home with her father and friend, Luis before being rescued by Henry. After Henry's death the group joined the Miami camp.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • One zombie


Vince GarciaEdit

Rachel and Vince have a good father daughter relationship both care deeply about each other. Vince is very protective of her which can sometimes be annoying to her.


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Volume 3: A New HomeEdit