The Archive contains previous closed candidates who have either been promoted or had their nominations closed. Applications are kept for record purposes.

Story CriticsEdit

Story Critics are users who read a lot of stories and post detailed, constructive criticisms about the story to try to help the author improve their writing skills.



Hey guys, me DominicT22 here and I have applied for Story Critic. I remember in the chat I was the one who brought up the idea for this position and on top of that I love to read new content daily. I also have staff experience on other wiki's as chat moderator. Well anyways, thanks guy, bye!

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Support cuz dis gey boi wants a suport DarkShadow667 (talk) 06:11, March 29, 2014 (UTC)

Lee DixonEdit

Hello. (If you haven't seen above) I'm Lee Dixon! I've applied/am applying for Story Critic. Why? Well I've always liked to review things. I review movies for fun on another wiki i go to (So i do have experience in reviewing stuff before). I hate reviewers that don't go into detail about what they hate or love in a game/movie/TV series..or just make up bad excuses when there's an obvious reason that's hidden that's not a good reason to dislike something *Cough* Adam Sessler *Cough* I guess that's all i can really think of..Bye! 

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Support u noe et. Just kidding but you're always critcizing something on chat when we talk, we've also been into a lot of debates about things we disagree on and you always have valid reasons to score something or why it is good or bad so I think you'll suit this position :P. DarkShadow667 (talk) 05:55, March 29, 2014 (UTC)

Riley HeligoEdit

Heyo, if you don't know who I am then wat? In all seriousness I've done reviews in the past as a pass time. My issue with reviewers are they don't go into detail about what they don't like and give generic reasons, I don't like how most reviewers actually lie in their reviews (IGN U FUCKS). Plus I got a gravelly voice. :P peace out k thx.