Fun fact: The $QUAD and KFC have major beef, they've been going at it since today. Also Dom will not be included in this story due to dying last story due to Mustard. Ghost will replace him.(AS I SAID BEFORE GGG AND $QUAD GOT NO BEEF WE GUD WE GUD)

Bloxx is seen in the HQ of the $QUAD in the medical facility getting his blown off arm being treated by a talking zombie. "How'd this happen nigga?" "Some pussy boys blew off my arm with a grenade, I think it was that fgt Mustard but it don't matter we don't got beef." "Alright almost finished" The talking zombie finishes up Bloxx's new and stronger golden robotic arm. "Annnd done!" The zombie finishes imprinting the word $QUAD on Bloxx's robotic arm. "My nigga" Bloxxeh says until he pulls out a gun with the words imprinted $QUAD on them and shoots the zombie in the head. "Never liked that undead fuck."

Hippa is seen in the weapons facility picking out his guns that are in his locker. He picks up his raygun from BO2 and his AK-47 which he puts on his back and a Glock-17 which he puts in his pocket. He magically has bullets for all of these weapons. "Time to fuck up these KFC bitches"

Derk is seen in his office with all his gold-plated weapons and puts his knife that Bloxxeh gave to him when $QUAD first started in his back pocket. Derk looks out the window and sees the KFC approaching with a rocket launcher. "FIRE!" Cum yells. Fatguy shoots the rocket and a rocket with the word "FGT" imprinted on it hits the top of the HQ resulting a a fire that is slowly spreading.

The $QUAD members with their advanced equipment teleport to the front of the base and Bloxx using his new robotic arm spawns Porche car to use as cover. $QUAD takes cover and Hippa begins firing his raygun at Katie until one of her bodyparts fly off. Since the weed they smoke is so strong Katie's leg grows back and they begin firing back at Hippa. Hippa's face is grazed by a bullet and Derk is hit in the stomach by a cement dildo which went through the car that  Katie also carved in KFC's HQ. With both Hippa and Derk down can Bloxxeh take on the KFC alone?

Extra: Hey sexy how about we go and make the beast with 2 backs? =]