Bloxx is still behind the porche car as Derk and Hippa lay next to him knocked out, unbeknownst to Bloxx if they are knocked out or dead. The KFC begin enclosing on the only member that isn't incapacitated. "You're done Bloxx! Just give up!" Katie shouts at Bloxx. "Stubborn cunt." Katie mumbles to herself. KFC begin to back up in order to just blow it up and kill all of them at once. "FIRE!" Cam shouts at Fatguy. Right as Fatguy raises his rocket he is shot in both of the knees by an unknown force in the sky. Bloxx turns around and sees a familiar face. "GHASTBICH!" Ghost lands convientenly right next to Bloxx and also takes cover behind the porche. "Did you literally just jump from some random building to try and help us?" Bloxx asks. "Pssssh, no." "I just heard that you fgts needed some help, you guys suck and can't do shit without me here." "Then why'd you retreat after Hippa killed Grave?" "Fuck off."

"YOLO." Fatguy mummers to himself, he gets up and begins hopping towards the $QUAD and finally blows up their Headquarters with his final rocket. Right after this event he is shot in the head by an unknown bullet. Its revealed to be Derk who has recovered from the dildo attack. "$quaa--$QUAD." Bloxx then realizes that his robotic arm has a healing device in it so he begins to heal Hippa to finally win this war. "What the fuck is Ghost doing here?" Derk says. "I heard you guys needed help, so I came to help, lel came." "Kden." Derk replies.

The KFC keeps shooting at the car until it finally catches on fire and is on the verge of exploding. "Bloxx hurry the fuck up!" The car explodes and the KFC assumes that it killed the $QUAD and they think they've won the war. That is until Katie is shot in the back of the head by a golden AK-47 bullet by Derk, Dom is seen floating off into the sky after shielding the $QUAD from the explosion. "That bitch won't be regenerating anything now"(stil luv u doe kateh) Cam realizing that he is fucked with a capital F goes full pussy boi mode and tries to surrender to the $QUAD. Bloxx finally finishes healing Hippa and he wakes up to see the destruction of the war between his gang and KFC. "Well fuck." Hippa says. "Hey Bloxxeh come over here." Derk says. Bloxx walks over to Derk and when he finally gets over to him Derk passes him the knife that he gave him with the words "PUSSY BOI DON'T WANT WAR" imprinted on it.

(Holy fuck this story is too long) "Ew fgt" Bloxx says to Cam as he stabs him in the chin while Hippa is cutting his hair.

Extra: The fucking end finally. Anyways. I get to come back =]