Fun fact: The Smen and Potterhouse have been arch enemies since whenever these templates were created, since then they've been at war and lost many of their old members, currently they are in the 5th war.

Scoop is hit upside the head with a steel dildo that Zora's brother lent him for safe keeping. "GET DOWN!" Zora screams as only Negan and Dixon listen while Juan is still out in the open. The dildo explodes killing Scoop and skeet gets all over the battlefield along with Juan's face. The skeet turns out to be acid that some how got inside of the dildo and Juan dies slowly and painfully. "How the fuck did that not melt through the fucking steel?" Negan says. "Anyways we lost that other fucker, whatever the fuck his name was."

"Dammit Scoop, I told him not to go out in the open!" Lavy says as he is behind a conveniently placed rock alone. "CAN ANYONE GET TO ME?! ANYONE!" Lav says with no answer. "I'm so fucked." "That you are fucker!" Negan suddenly appears from the other side of the rock as he beats Lav with a dildo bat covered in barb wire. Negan is shot by an anus wrapper from a sniper distance by Katie rippling a wormhole into his rectum with so much self force that he gets sucked inside his own anus as he screams.

Katie is seen with Paul on the other side of the battlefield sniping with her anus wrapper. Jesus sends his retarded pet Naruto out to attack Zora's buttocks but since the pitbull/monkey-human dick for a face is asexual he stays. Paul backhands Naruto. "Goddammit you fucking idiot attack before you get us both killed!" The wild Naruto runs into the battlefield and actually gets a kill, that redshirt Grimes is made of quick work by the pitbull/monkey-human dick for a face. This is a short-lived victory as both Naruto(who no one cared for) and Paul are swept away by an amateur cum beam from Zora the only living PotterHouser(geyest teem) as he goes for Katie up close and personal Bloxx saves the day by shooting a professional cum beam from one of his favorite strap-ons. "Bloxx?! What the fuck were you doing?" "Pulling da peepee." This line concludes the final war between the two nations.

Extra: Meanwhile on some random mountain in some random place Kaley and Shell are taking a hike. "Wow Kaley isn't it fun to get out of the sun every once and a while? What a great view." Shell says. "Yeah but i gtz 2 tak a sheit" " Oh Kaley grow up you're so immature." Shell is then shot by a random cum beam from the sky which was from the battlefield his corpse then begins rolling down the mountain as Kaley's ham begins flopping between her legs.