(Collin enters Cam's hut, to find Cam waiting for his arrival).

Narrator Riley: Collin has visited Cam, in an attempt to gain Chandler Riggs for his selfish desires.

Cam: I've been expecting you, Mr Heisler...

Collin: How did you know my surname?

Cam: I got friends on the other side...

Collin: Oh yeah...

Cam: So what can I do for you?

Collin: I want Chandler Riggs...I deserve him...I KEEP THIS PLACE SAFE...

Cam: This place will not be safe as long as we are part of Wikia. We are occupied, Collin. And to be honest, you're starting to go full Sam. Never go full Sam.

Collin: The people know how amazing I am. They worship me!

Cam: No, they merely appreciate you.

Collin: Fuck you Cam.

Song: Heaven on their Minds

Collin: I don't give a fuck Cam, bring me Chandler.

Cam: No.

(Collin falls to his knees and starts to pray).

Song: Hellfire

Cam: You do know that I'm still here, right?

(Kaley and Masta are shown having a picnic in a meadow. They eat sandwiches and talk).

Narrator Riley: Meanwhile, Kaley has found yet another potential suitor. It happens to be the fine gentleman that I recommended.

Masta: So Kaley, how perfect am I on a scale of perfect to perfect?

Kaley: Uhh...perfect?

Masta: You're too kind babe (Masta burps).

Kaley: You're so rude.

Masta: YOLO

Kaley: Uhhhhh (Masta burps again, and Kaley giggles).

Song: The Walking Dead Wiki: The Musical!/Something There

Kaley: Wait, what the fuck are you guys doing here?

Grave: I am bearing great news

Katie: He wouldn't tell us until we're all together...

Hippo: Go ahead then Grave, we haven't got all day. What is it?

Grave: I have been elected as an elder, Hippa.

(The gang cheers)

Grave: You can't be here to see it. I want you to get Cam too, and take him with you in the night. You all have to leave, before Shell goes mad with power. I overheard him singing Hellfire earlier, and that can't be good...I'll stay back and hold the fort.

Katie: But what about you Grave?

Grave: Find the Golden Banhammer, you can use it to ban Shell, which will allow me to reform the wiki.

Hippo: Yes sir.

Grave's Gang: YES SIR

Grave: Well...(he bends over next to Ghost and kisses him on the cheek) take care, lover boy.

(Grave winks at Ghost and then exits).

Kaley: Since when was Grave gay?

Katie: Since he started asking himself, "what would Jesus do?"

[End Scene 3]