(Hippo, Katie, Ghost, Bloxx, Masta and Kaley arrive at Cam's hut).

Ghost: Should we just go in?

(Ghost steps forward and hits a trio wire, causing Cam to run out to them).

Cam: What's the bloody meaning of this?

Katie: We need to go Cam, Collin is going mad...

Cam: You're telling me, he just went full Frolo in front of me...

Hippo: Just? You mean...he's here?

Cam: Oh fuck, good point, let's go.

(Collin runs out with Relic and Drummer behind him as the group escapes).


Hippo: LOL no fgt

(Vince is back on his platform).

Vince: Collin has betrayed us! We have all been fooled!

Sam: They should've voted for me!

Crowd: Fuck off Sam

(Sam will remember that)

Vince: Anyways, as I was saying, I have a new suggestion for an elder. Come on up Grave. (Grave joins Vince on the platform) Now THIS guy is elder material.

Grave: I wouldn't go that far.

Vince: Nonsense. A little bird tells me that you're the second coming of Jesus.

Grave: Jesus. (Grave sighs longingly).

Crowd: (chanting) #Jesus4Elder2K14! #Jesus4Elder2K14! #Jesus4Elder2K14!

Grave: (whispering) Oh my God, I actually became act paid off....

(Hippo, Katie, Bloxx, Ghost, Masta, Kaley and Cam are skipping in synchronisation)

Bloxx: We should add a song to this...

Song: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Hippo: What the fuck was that?

(Bloxx passes out and the group carries on travelling, dragging him behind them).

(Hippo, Katie, a sleeping Bloxx, Ghost, Masta, Kaley and Cam reach an old inn).

Hippo: We should stay here for the night, Collin will never find us.

Katie: Good thinking Hippo.

Masta: I can use my crystal balls to find out if Collin knows about this place. Can you help me out here Kaley?

Kaley: What the-

Cam: Wait a second, I'm the magic one here...

Ghost: Sorcery...

Masta: I know Cam, I just wanted Kaley's hand in my pants, you can't blame a guy for trying.

(Everyone but Kaley nods in agreement).

Cam: Someone check the sign, I can use my magic to see if Collin really does know about this place, no testicle massages required.

Kaley: Thank God...

(Ghost taps the sign, knocking off the snow, and then faints in terror at the sight of it).

Hippo: Is that what I think it is? (A large picture of Emily Kinney is shown to be on the sign).

Kaley: You've got to be fucking kidding me.

Masta: Out of all the inns in the world, we had to arrive at The Friendly Beth, didn't we?

(Collin is sitting in the Throne of Evil, with Relic at his feet wearing a Princess Leia golden bikini).

Narrator Riley: Back in Collin's evil lair, shit is going down.

Collin: Where on earth has that idiot Drummer got to?

(On cue, Drummer enters, with a handcuffed Grave being dragged along by guards).

Collin: So, Grave, I hear that you have the public all in a stir. Apparently, you think you're God.

Grave: Jesus, actually.

Mysterious voice: Well, I'd like some proof of that...

(Axel steps out from the shadows).

Song: King of the Jews

Grave: Yay, I'm Jesus!

Collin: Drummer take him away.

(Drummer escorts Grave out of the lair).

Axel: What about his followers?

(Collin walks to a dark corner of the room, and pulls back a curtain, revealing a cage of screeching flying monkeys. He opens the door and allows them to be free).

Collin: FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY! (He turns to Axel) Does that answer the question?

Next timeEdit

Grave pines for Ghost, the Landlord and Landlady of The Friendly Beth are revealed, and Drummer may just discover what gets him erect.