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Volume 01 is the first volume of Strife, It was written by CamTheWoot.

Volume 01
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Issue 01 - 1st June, 2014

Issue 02 - 12th June, 2014.

Issue 03 - 21st June, 2014.

Issue 04 - 25th June, 2014.

Issue 05 - 29th June, 2014.

Issue 06 - 30th June, 2014.


Vincent Myers

Patrick Myers

Rowena Myers

Maurice Rook

Nancy Brodmir

Wayne Mitchell

Duncan Mitchell

Barnes Fooks

Alice Myers (Apparition)

Lawrence Myers (Mentioned)

Arthur Myers (Mentioned)

Marianne Myers (Mentioned)

Anabel Myers (Mentioned)

Harry Martin (Mentioned)

Terrence Brodmir (Mentioned)

Janet Brodmir (Mentioned)

Greensleeves (Mentioned)

Rachael Paups (Mentioned)

Cecile Baker (Mentioned)


Lawrence Myers

Alice Myers (Confirmed Fate)

Harry Martin (Confirmed Fate)

Arthur Myers (Confirmed Fate)

Anabel Myers (Confirmed Fate)

Janet Brodmir (Confirmed Fate)

Rachael Paups (Confirmed Fate)

Cecile Baker (Confirmed Fate)